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A Brief Guide To Grand Canyon Bus Tours

A Brief Guide To Grand Canyon Bus Tours

The Grand Canyon is one of the great American landmarks. It is often listed on the so called bucket list, the things people want to do and experience before they die. With the right Grand Canyon bus tours you will get to see it in a number of different ways, as well as getting a variety of other experiences that you may not necessarily have thought of.

A good way to get the most from a day trip is to go from Las Vegas to the west rim of the National Park. A lot of operators will pick people up from most of the major hotels in the area. From there you then get a number of iconic landmarks to look at. It is worth looking at the itinerary on the operator website so you can look at what is on offer and whether it is what you personally want to do.

One example of this is the Hoover Dam. It is worth checking with the operator to see whether you will get a closer look or have an opportunity to take photos from the O Callaghan bypass bridge. Alternatively you may want to explore the Joshua Tree forest. Many artists and musicians are said to have been inspired by this grand location.

By contrast those who fancy a bit of fun and want to live out their Wild West fantasies can visit Hulapai Ranch, a recreation of an old Western town, ideal for any families with young children visiting! There are also a number of Colorado River boat tours available, ranging from a gentle trip to the more adventurous trips along the rapids or white water rafting.

This is also a great area to explore the great traditions of Native American culture. A number of the tours stop at Eagle Point. This is so called because the rock formation in this area is said to resemble the shape of an eagle. This is also a good spot to learn more about their culture in the Indian cultural village and an early starting point to exploring the rim of the canyon.

Given the expansive and panoramic nature of this natural landmark it is fair enough that people want to get the best possible view. The Skywalk is a great way to achieve this great view. It is a glass bridge that has been constructed alongside the contours of the rim. This is often an experience that people remember as they get a range of views of the canyon.

While a lot of people enjoy experiencing the view from on high, you may not necessarily have considered getting a closer look. Therefore it is worth looking for operators that offer helicopter rides to the very bottom to get a different and memorable perspective of the canyon.

In short Grand Canyon bus tours can be as adventurous or as calm and relaxing as you want them to be. It is worth looking online to compare the different travel packages available. When looking make sure that everything you want to do is included in the itinerary and always check prices. It is also worth looking at the comments pages of each site as it will often give you an idea of the best things to do while you are there!

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