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Amazing Cape Town Sightseeing Tours

Amazing Cape Town Sightseeing Tours

A sightseeing trip around Cape Town is unlike any other and very fulfilling. The city has a rich past that goes back beyond its colonial pedigree. There is much confirmation of rich prehistoric culture in the rock art which can be observed at an assortment of sites about the city.

A traditional sightseeing tour can be taken on one of the regular red busses which circle the city. There are minor city tours where visitors may jump on and off these busses as it suits them. Tourists may also take the major tour which carries them all the way around the splendid peninsula.

From the beautiful Victoria and Alfred waterfront and the Two Oceans aquarium to the majestic Winchester mansions hotel, the sightseeing tour bus takes the sightseer on a guided tour of all the great beauty that Cape Town has to offer. There are also many interesting places of interest like the Castle which was erected over three hundred years ago and the District Six museum which is a reminder of the injustices of apartheid. There is also a jewelry tour displaying the history and discovery of gold in the country.

If tourists decide on choosing the extended tour then they are exposed to far more natural beauty than the short city tour offers. One example is the National Botanical Gardens at Kirstenbosch. This showpiece of indigenous flora houses the country’s floral treasures which is immaculately set out, displayed and protected for the public to view.

The tour takes visitors as far out as Hout Bay to the World of Birds, a sanctuary mostly for birds of all species. The sanctuary is situated just outside the little sea-side village of Hout Bay located below the magnificent cliffs of Chapman’s Peak Drive. The area is home to a large fishing community and also hosts the biggest wave surfing competition at annually where the waves get up to fifty feet in height.

There is plenty to see and do for all on a Cape Town sightseeing tour.

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