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Backcountry Tours in Whistler

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Backcountry Tours in Whistler

Whistler is an incredible four-season resort in North America, located about two-hour drive along the Sea to Highway 99 from Vancouver, in Canada. Rated the number one ski resort by the Sky Magazine, Whistler provides a wonderful base for skiing, with its majestic mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, both of which together provide more than 7000 acres of skiable terrain, apart from 200 marked trails.

Whistler is also considered a perfect base for a range of other winter activities including heli skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and more. Besides, Whistler has superb options to enjoy a variety of summer activities in the form of fishing, golf, canoeing, rafting, and much more. In short, Whistler is a year-round playground, offering something for everyone.

With lush vegetation, picturesque views, and diverse flora and fauna, Backcountry in Whistler is truly unique. Backcountry tours in Whistler are a great way to explore the unparalleled beauty of the place. Further, a guided Whistler backcountry tour provides fabulous choices to enjoy a continuum of activities amid breathtaking settings.

Vacationers can choose from a variety of backcountry tours in Whistler. If you would like to take Whistler backcountry tours to discover the incredible views of the area, then choose sightseeing backcountry tours, which are mostly in the form of two-three hour tours. It takes you to such backcountry destinations as Callaghan Valley, which has been chosen as a venue to host 2010 Alpine, Cross Country, and Nordic events.

Another popular area that would be covered in backcountry sightseeing tours is Madely Canyon, which provides scenic vistas of 140 ft high Alexander Waterfalls. Sightseeing tours also take you to destinations such as Powder Mountain Glacier, charming Madley Lake, and beautiful Garibaldi ranges.

For those who want to go deep into backcountry of Whistler, then tours leading to old growth forest, unparalleled mountains over the emerald hued shores of Madley or Wood lake, are available. Mostly, in sightseeing backcountry tours in Whistler, you will be accompanied by an expert guide to navigate along the old forestry roads, rivers, mountains, and more.

Backcountry tours in Whistler are also designed according to the preferences of holidaymakers. For instance, if you want to have a unique skiing and snowboard experience, one of the best options would be to choose guided ski and snowboard tours to Whistler backcountry. Boasting of a range of bowls, gladed runs, and glaciers, Whistler’s backcountry provides an enjoyable skiing experience.

Additionally, backcountry ski tours are a great way to enjoy awesome powder skiing in the backcountry areas of Whistler and Blackcomb. Skiing tours are available in different forms including multi day skiing tours, guided skiing tours to explore deep backcountry, and ski mountaineering tours.

Likewise, for unique skiing experience, nothing would be better than taking a guided backcountry heli skiing tour. Heli skiing is an excellent way to explore the stunning high alpine terrain. With excellent mountain ranges, Whistler’ backcountry provides facilities for different types of heli skiing such as powder heli skiing, Big Mountain heli skiing, and mini golf heli skiing.

Different types of Whistler backcountry also include mountain biking tours. Whistler’s backcountry has some best biking trails for a memorable biking experience. Similarly, fishing enthusiasts can go for backcountry tours, especially crafted for fishing purposes. These tours not only allow to discover the beautiful lakes and rivers in the area but also to come through an interesting species of marine life including rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Salmon, and Cutthroat trout. Equally interesting would be to take guided ATV tours to Whistler backcountry. Other popular types of backcountry tours are hiking as well as snowshoeing tours, snowmobile tours, rafting tours, and rock climbing tours.

With scores of service providers in the scenario, finding a professional travel consultant for a memorable Whistler backcountry tours is no longer a chaotic process. Many of the world class hotels and resorts in the area also provide superb arrangements for a memorable backcountry tour. Some of them even provide assistance of an expert to guide you in exploring every type of terrains in Whistler.

There are also some service providers, offering some kind of discounts on tour packages when you book them with in a stipulated time period. In most cases, these tour packages are inclusive of transportation, rental equipments for experiencing backcountry activities, meals, beverages, and snacks. offers real time bookings of premium properties in the world class ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia. Our business is to market property rentals in Whistler to high end vacationers in order to maximize property owners’ return on investment (ROI).