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Best Vietnam day tours 2013

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Best Vietnam day tours 2013

Whether you’re a culture vulture, history enthusiast, or love food, there are a variety of available day tours in Vietnam. There are great Vietnam day trips throughout of the country.

In shape of a dragon, Vietnam appears on the world travel map as one of the most compelling destinations in Southeast Asia. Spend some time setting up Vietnam day trips to discover culture, music, and every interesting thing from the North to the South with Custom Vietnam Travel that itself means an invitation to charm, exoticism and adventure.
Best Vietnam Day Tour provider

It will be awesome experiences when joining with Custom Vietnam Travel, the best Vietnam Day Tours provider, Certificate of Excellence recognized by TripAdvisor. The tours are well-organized with intensive tour guides give you the day tour itineraries with authentic cultural experiences and local characters with our bite-sized travel modules.

North of Vietnam Day Tours

In the North of Vietnam, we have a set of Vietnam day tours included Hanoi City tour, Mai Chau Valley, Citadel & Karst, Bat Trang Ceramic Village by Bike, Taste of Halong Bay, Buddhist Pagodas & Traditional Paintings, Duong Lam – The village of origin, Perfume Pagoda, Vietnam traditional villages that offer you chances to discover the timeless charm of Hanoi, splendid wonder of Halong Bay, colorful ethnic mosaics of Sapa and Ha Giang and the elite of Vietnamese culture through crafts by skilled artisans in the traditional village of Vietnam.


Vietnam’s capital has a small city feel to it because of its many neighborhoods. Although congested, it is less chaotic than Ho Chi Minh City in the south. Hanoi is dotted with tranquil lakes, green parks and colonial and pre-colonial structures. Vietnam Day Tours will let you explore the quiet streets of the Old Quarter, near Hoan Kiem District. On the southern edge visit the historic Opera House, with its Art Nouveau design.

On the western boundary you can take a day tour the “Hanoi Hilton,” Hoa Lo Prison, where American soldiers were held, or Quan Su Pagoda, an important Buddhist temple. Sample the noteworthy North Vietnamese cuisine by trying cha ca, a spicy fried fish dish, or pho, a noodle soup with beef or chicken and bean sprouts.

Do not miss seeing a Hanoi original entertainment, a water puppet show. Marvel as large, colorfully painted wood puppets emerge from the water to perform traditional Vietnamese tales on the surface of the water. Puppeteers manipulate the movements of the puppets from behind a curtain.

Northern Highlands

Cooler weather awaits adventure travelers to the Tonkinese Alps and ethnic minority hilltribe villages in the region. Depart from Sapa for day trips to hilltribe Dao, Hmong or Tay villages. Hire a guide to narrate and explain the customs, as it is illegal to trek without a guide. From September to November, lush shades of green indicate the time for harvesting the rice grown on hillside terraces while adding to the visual beauty of the Mount Fanispan region. Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain is a 10,000-foot, multiple day climb. Hire a guide and gear in Sapa.

Northeastern Coast

Artists, photographers, poets and dreamers flock to Halong Bay to admire the landscape. Take a day trip to emerald green Halong Bay to float past the towering limestone peaks that grace the area. Rent a kayak to explore caves or indulge in rock climbing, or plan a multiple day kayaking tour. Stay overnight at Cat Ba Island. Once a sleepy fishing isle, Cat Ba now boasts hotel accommodations and dozens of restaurants. Half the island is dedicated to the Cat Ba National Park, home to many rare or endangered species, including the golden-headed langur, leopard cat and giant black squirrel.

North-Central Vietnam

Cúc Phương National parkGenerally overlooked by international tourists, North-Central Vietnam is rich in cultural and natural attractions.

Tour a floating village, Kenh Ga, where locals row by using their feet on the oars. Visit Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam’s first national park, formed in 1962.

Bird watchers flock to the mountain Rainforest Park for a chance to see more than 300 species of birds. Avoid crowds and see more wildlife by visiting mid-week.

Further south, visit Vinh, the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh, who led Vietnam from French colonialism to independence and served as both prime minister and president.

Centre of Vietnam Day Tours

Restaurant on Perfume river HueIn the Centre, we have the day tours available Hoi An -Countryside Experience, Hue motorcycle tour or you can build your own day trips that suit you the best. Hoi An with its quaint and nostalgic setting makes the greatest surprise while Hue offers a fantastic fusion of imperial architecture and refined cuisine. Incredibly created by nature, Phong Nha – Ke Bang still reserves a number of secrets for you to discover.

Home to historical sites, fantastic food and the country’s most iconic beach, central Vietnam deserves to rate as a top priority for travelers. Tourists wanting to avoid lengthy bus journeys will find Danang’s airport the perfect gateway to a fascinating set of the country’s most famous destinations, including three must-see Unesco World Heritage sites – history-seeped Imperial Hue, architecturally impressive Hoi An and the sacred ruins of ancient My Son.

Stretching all the way southward of Vietnam are stunning sandy beaches with year round crystal sunshine in Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. The Mekong Delta with its immense water, endless rice fields and buzzing floating markets will also capture your heart.

Mekong Delta Vietnam Day Tours

The lusciously green beautiful Mekong Delta is the most Southern region of Vietnam. Formed by sediment continually being deposited from the Mekong River the area is extremly rich and fertile. With almost half of the area under cultivation it produces enough rice to feed the whole country and create a surplus that is exported putting Vietnam as the second largest rice exporter in the world after Thailand. Other products produced here include sugar cane, tropical fruits and fish.

The closest city in the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh city is My Tho. Boat trips are the highlight of a visit here. You can cruise down the maze of small canals taking in the pleasant rural outlook of the local villages, stopping on the way to visit places of interest such as a family run coconut candy workshop, a honey bee farm, or a beautiful orchid garden.

Vinh Long is a popular destination for visitors to the delta region and offers a variety of boat tours including overnight excursions. Attractions include cruising down the small canals and visiting the fruit orchards and the conical hat making workshops.

A day trip out from Vinh Long to the bustling Cai Be Floating Market is an exciting shopping experience, cruising easily around the boats sampling the many exotic fruits and vegetables of the region.

Homestays at one of the Mekong Delta’s rural properties can be arranged and is an unforgettable experience, giving you a unique insight into the day to day lives of the local people.
Can Tho with a population of 330,000 is the largest city in the region and is the main business centre in the Mekong Delta. A vibrant and friendly city with many colourful floating markets dotted around the rivers and canals. These are the main attractions to the area, combined with a wider variety of small and large boats for hire and the capacity to negotiate economical trips. Can Tho also has a large range of the best accommodation available in the Mekong Delta, with many good budget priced hotels and guesthouses.

The best time to set up day trips in Vietnam is from October to December and from March to May. Avoid public holidays if possible as the whole country is on the move.,