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Buckle Up and Get Ready For the Hiking & Trekking In Himalayas

Buckle Up and Get Ready For the Hiking & Trekking In Himalayas

What could be more ravishing and enchanting experience for a mountain enthusiast than hiking & trekking in Himalayas? If you are a newbie and wondering how to get started with such breath-taking expedition, here some pragmatic tips have been provided just for you to cater precise guidance to you regarding trip to the Himalayas. For your benefits, some Indian Himalayas trekking tours package also has been provided here.

Plan Your Trip:

Lack of proper planning can prove to be a hindrance to your trip. Hence, before getting excited about the trip, manage some time and make a proper plan. Check out your official calendar, arrange for your leaves. Usually March, April, May, June are considered as the peak time for hiking & trekking in Himalayas. Most importantly, you need to master the budget for your trip!

Assemble the Itinerary:

Give yourself some time and think which place can help you to achieve your inner peace and to quench your mountain lust. Whether it is Ladakh, Little Tibet, the place of ancient monasteries or Sikkim, the luxuriant forests through the laps of the Himalayas, you have to decide it. If you are dying for dazzling view of mountains, you can consider trekking to Garhwal. A lifetime is very short to explore the beauty of the Himalayas. Hence, it is better to not have a thought of exploring everything at the very first time!

Indian Himalayas Trekking Tours Package:

Nowadays, various tourist agencies are offering alluring tour packages to the travelers. If you avail this kind of Indian Himalayas Trekking Tours Package directly provided by the touring agencies, you don’t have to take extra headache for planning a budget for each individual thing. However, some wanderers like to do everything on their own. Here, some of the tour packages listed below for your help.

Autumn Treks:
Hampta Pass Trek
Roopkund Trek
Bhrigu Lake
Pangarchulla Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek

Winter Treks:
Kedar Kantha Trek
Bhahmatal Trek
Chadar Frozen River Trek

Monsoon Treks:
Valley Of Flower Trek
Tarsar Marsar
Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Some most crucial things for getting ready for your expedition is to check your trekking gears carefully before heading out, keep all the essential things such as both water and wind proof jackets, socks, sunhat, chocolates & dry foods, small first-aid kit etc. at your hand.

You don’t need to load bulk amount of luggage for your trekking trip! Pack things smartly, be positive as well as courteous. Most importantly, you should respect the nature and shouldn’t hamper the environment by any kind of callousness.

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