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Cambodia Adventure Tours – A Mind Blowing Experience

Cambodia Adventure Tours – A Mind Blowing Experience

If you are looking for a breath taking and exhilarating tour this year, then Cambodia Adventure tours would be the perfect one among all.

Siem reap, which was the capital of Cambodia at times is also said to be the second largest city in Cambodia after the modern day capital Phnom Penh. Very close to this place is the great Mekong River that runs across China, Laos and then Cambodia out into the South China Sea. The most prominent places of interest amongst tourists in Siem Reap is Angkor Wat and the various other encompassing temples constructed around a thousand years before. There is a big array of unique temples to grab your attention and keeping you occupied all time throughout your stay. The most convenient and economical way to visit and roam around whole of Siem Reap is to take a tuk-tuk driver or taxi. However, nowadays this place is known as Thailand, which was earlier known as an entrance to the ruins of the Khmer dynasty, the communist regime.

Cambodia adventure tours are made easy with the availability of public transport mediums like bus, minibuses and tuk tuk – the locally operated auto-rickshaws. Using these public transports you will incur very cheap fares for travelling to any part of this nation. Though, the roads are rocky at some regions and can actually distort your tour. Yet at eminent spots and renowned cities you can take pleasure in accommodating yourself in 4 star and 5 star hotels. Western food and wines are also not very commonly available in Cambodia. One needs to adjust with the locale products as have to live on local treats and on certain occasions would like to have spicy Khmer foods during your travel.

It has been said that Cambodia has wide array of delicious cuisines to explore. On your Cambodia adventure tours you will notice that the most admired style of cooking here is known as Khmer, this is very similar to the style of cooking been used by people in Thailand or Vietnam. However, Cambodians have their own typical tangs which can gratify a foodie belonging to any part of this universe. By and large, here each and every dish is served with rice and typically the food is a bit tart in savor when compared to the Asian taste. When you are on Cambodia adventure tours, then do not miss out to look out for a dish named prahok fish paste. One more dish which is also quite famous across the nation is k’tieu noodle soup which is usually served with pork or seafood and is proved to be a genuine taste enhancer for the lover of non vegetarian food. In addition to this, the lok lak beefsteak dish is simply sumptuous. If you are a foodie then you are going to relish each bite of local cuisine served in the great Cambodia.

For these and many other reasons only, for over a century, this place has been a destination attracting large number of tourists year by year.

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