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Egypt Day Tours – Booking A Holiday, Tour Or Vacation In Egypt

Egypt Day Tours – Booking A Holiday, Tour Or Vacation In Egypt

In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, as time passes, it came to my attention as to what a minefield in could be making your reservation for a holiday in a vacation spot like Egypt through the myriad of “internet” based travel companies; especially local Egyptian companies

I consequently though it may be useful to suggest a sort of “checklist” of things to look for and questions to ask “prospective” holiday suppliers.

1. Are they a travel agent or a Tour operator?

Especially at a local level, service from a tour operator is frequently greater than that of an agent as tour booked through local agents “can” risk the reality that the agent is simply passing on your booking to a third party. This is not always the situation, but it is something to think about. Comeback if you have issues is also to be regarded as an agent can blame the 3rd party and the other way around.

2. Do they need a deposit or are they providing payment in full on arrival?

If the company you’re possibly booking through accept payment in full on arrival, it indicates one thing – you are not booked. Will a company risk booking hotels, tour guides, drivers etc on the opportunity you might really show up ?

3. Do they accept credit cards as payment?

This is important whether you are planning on paying that manner. Accepting credit cards (especially in travel fields) will usually imply the business has been pretty well vetted and certainly will offer you certain additional assurances (and obviously protection)

4. Do they provide Testimonials?

The 2nd half of this question perhaps the most significant part, “Do they offer Testimonials.and can you get in touch with them”? If their testimonials are true then certainly there is no reason why they can’t be contacted.

5. Do they possess a recognized complaints procedure?

Any forward thinking and truthful company will realize that there will definitely be the odd problem. Getting a complaints procedure available shows that the business won’t simply attempt and fob you off, but from the ground up, they’ll attempt to relatively take care of any difficulties you might have.

Hopefully these 5 things may help you with respect to your future plans when thinking about a trip to a country such as Egypt.

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