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England Tours – The Recession Beating Holiday

England Tours – The Recession Beating Holiday

Times are tough in the British economy – where the Pound once had an enviable exchange rate compared to the Euro and the Dollar, it is now of a very similar value to both making spending money abroad less enticing. This has caused a lot of Brits to forgo their holidays in the foreign sun to save some money and in turn has led to something of a boom in home-grown holidays with many travel agencies reporting that sales of England tours are experiencing a sharp rise.

While holidaying in Britain will often be cheaper than travelling abroad, it needn’t be a second-rate holiday. The country has many varied features, from the beauty of the countryside to mountain ranges to the bustle of London; almost every kind of holiday can be catered for. Many England tours will take in most if not all of these aspects, providing a vacation with a wide variety of experiences.

There are several popular kinds of England tours. Some people will prefer to go it alone, hiring a caravan or taking their tent and driving around the country themselves, while others will take a package approach. Many travel agencies or suppliers of England tours will offer packages where they will provide the itinerary and drive customers around the area of the tour. Sometimes customers will travel in groups, sometimes with just the small family group; it will depend on the provider of the tour, the kind of holiday taken and the desires of the customer.

Some customers may prefer taking in Britain’s history and many tour providers will offer a range of vacations centred around this. The mysterious Stonehenge and Salisbury plains are popular destinations for example, as are many of Britain’s historic homes and gardens. Some customers may prefer a more active holiday and many companies will offer hiking tours of the Lake and Peak districts or mountain ranges.

Though almost everybody is feeling the strain with the economy, there is no need to cancel having a holiday. Staying in England offers an excellent opportunity to rediscover the country, and with so many different kinds of holiday available, it’s guaranteed to never be dull. The weather may not be as warm as Spain, but the financial savings and near guarantee of a great time for all the family whatever kind of holiday you choose means that it will be far from a sub standard experience.

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