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Enjoy an Aerial View With Grand Canyon Helicopters

Enjoy an Aerial View With Grand Canyon Helicopters

When you book Grand Canyon helicopters rides, you see the scenic wonder of one of the nation’s national parks. Grand Canyon National Park encompasses river miles measuring over 275 miles in length and up to 18 miles in width. This scar in the earth’s surface was formed by the action of the Colorado River. The drop from the rim measures up to a mile in depth in some areas.

Helicopters that are chartered to fly various routes over the Park set off from various points. The two most common points are Las Vegas, Nevada and Grand Canyon, Arizona. Transportation from some major hotel and motel chains is provided in some instances. Guests at the hotel can ride in comfort to the airport or landing field and board the helicopter.

From Las Vegas, the helicopter ride is a mere 45 minutes of air time. Passengers can choose from any of several types of tours. These include air tours, landing tours, Skywalk tours, ranch landing tours, landing and rafting tours and National Park air and ground tours. Travelers may vary the routes and the length of time involved to take advantage of scenic, cultural and structural points of interest.

There is more than just one canyon to view from the air. For example, El Dorado Canyon lies to the south of Hoover Dam, which is a component of many aerial routes. A landing at El Dorado is available. Travelers can expand the visit to this location with an exploration of the Techatticup Mine, Old West Town and various related outdoor adventures.

A must-see at the West Rim is the Skywalk. This structure is at present the highest structure made by man. It is essentially a glass bridge that extends out over the chasm. For those who can handle the sensation of walking out over open space, the experience of the Skywalk is a worthwhile stop on the helicopter route. Safety of the structure is a prime consideration. The U-shaped cantilevered engineering marvel is rated to hold the weight of more than 70 fully loaded Boeing 747 planes.

The structure is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian tribe. It has been operating since 2007 as a tourist attraction. The Hualapai Indian Reservation is not a part of the National Park, but it does offer a different type of activities, including ATV trips, horseback and a visit to a replica village.

Trips by helicopter vary in length. You may choose to spend only a short time in the air, or the tour could be broken up with dining and even overnight opportunities. By selecting packages and options online, you have the opportunity to fully schedule the points of interest that are most appealing to you.

Grand Canyon helicopters make a special side trip for those who want more than casinos and shows of Las Vegas. The equipment is safe and comfortable. The design of the aircraft is such that travelers are easily able to see the sights flying past and over. Staff and pilots are knowledgeable and experienced in their duties.

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