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Enjoying the Benefits of Grand Canyon Float Tours

Enjoying the Benefits of Grand Canyon Float Tours

Grand Canyon float tours are an excellent way to spend the day exploring the South Rim. They are something that the entire family can take. Children as young as four years old will enjoy a trip along some of the most breathtaking and historic scenery in the world.

Many of these packages begin in the Grand Canyon Village. The Village is a town that is specially designed for tourists. It is located in the South Rim and its history dates back more than a century. Before you start your tour you may wish to spend some time in the village and its Historic Landmark district. Many sites and buildings in the area date back to the early part of the Twentieth Century.

When you begin your journey you pass the Glen Canyon Dam. Most visitors are amazed at the size of this structure. Its reservoir is one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States, and is known as Lake Powell. This region delivers electricity to many people in the area. At the base of the dam you will board your boat and start an exciting journey that lasts for about fifteen miles.

One of the most unusual things you will experience is Horseshoe bend. This bend is a huge meander of the Colorado River and the scenery is almost impossible to describe to those that have not seen it. This is an excellent area to get out your cameras and take some amazing photos where the river is more than 3,000 feet above sea level.

During your trip you have the chance to hike to some amazing rock art from Native Americans. This type of art is called petroglyphs and some of them are very ancient and date back many centuries in time. These pictographs are made in rock by people hammering away with stone tools.

When you view the rock art it is very important to not touch it. Just the oil from human skin may damage some of these fragile works or art. Make sure to tell the kids that they need to look but please do not touch, so others may enjoy the art for many years to come. Many of these ancient etchings are riddles that one may ponder about people from another era. This type of art is priceless and represents a trip back into time.

There are many things to see and enjoy with Grand Canyon float tours. While on the water, you will enjoy a leisurely ride. There is plenty of time for relaxing and taking pictures, also. At the end of the trip you arrive at Lee’s Ferry location.

You will have the chance to purchase all kinds of souvenirs of your trip. Places like the Cameron Trading Post are perfect for lodging as well as for Native American Art. The Trading Post has a rich history dating back to 1916. They have a large variety of things from dolls, baskets, and paintings. Grand Canyon float tours provide so many things to do and see that one must truly experience them to appreciate everything.

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