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Family Friendly Key West Tours

Family Friendly Key West Tours

More and more people are looking for vacation locations in the United States. With the need to save money in the front of everyone’s mind, destinations like Key West, Florida, are beginning to see an increase in visitors. There are many reasons for this trend. For one, foreign travel can be expensive and travelers to different countries often have to deal with passport issues, language barriers, and other risks and circumstances they may not foresee when they book their vacation.

The economic crisis has made traveling by air and sea amazingly affordable. Hotels and inns are lowering their prices to attract business, too. These factors have made traveling to the out of the way corners of our country more cost effective. Families looking for a wholesome and fun vacation spot are flocking to the Florida Keys because of the island’s laid-back vibe and wealth of activities. This article explores three family friendly Key West tours.

Family Fun In Old Town

A stroll through Old Town will reveal there is a whole lot to see in this little neighborhood. From learning about pirates and shipwrecks to the animals and insects of the sky and the animals and crustaceans populating the depths, there are many tours in Old Town. Visitors typically experience the neighborhood by bicycle or on foot. Because you can rent bicycles easily, tourists, visitors, and vacationers are all inclined to pay the minimal rental fee in order to gain greater access to the island.

One of the most popular tours in Old Town is the neighborhood’s ghost tour. This exploration of the weird and spooky things that go bump in the night has been featured on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and the BBC.

Numerous Museums — From Weird To Water

The Ripley’s Museum is an expansive collection of oddities. The museum is home to exhibits ranging from the grim and gory to the light, humorous, and thought provoking. Key West tours of museums like the Shipwreck Historium Museum, Pirate Soul Museum, and Mel Fisher Maritime Museum offer unique views into the city’s history as the former richest city in America and a pirate haven. The city’s aquarium boasts an interactive touch tank and a 50,000-gallon display of the undersea flora and fauna of the region.

Outdoor Activities And Experiences

For those who want to spend their day exploring the outdoors, plane tours and boat tours are a good option. Airplane tours of the island offer a unique birds-eye perspective that visitors don’t get on their approach to the airport. Glass-bottomed boat rides take visitors out into the ocean and provide an amazing glimpse at the sea life below the surface.

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