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Father’s Day Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Father’s Day Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Dad’s big holiday is on June 16 so it is time to plane a unique gift to show him how much you care. A Grand Canyon bus tour is a great idea. Tours run on the usual schedule that day and this is a trip your dad will never forget. Bus tours are a great value and they are pretty exciting too.

The 16th is fast approaching so you want to book your seats as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the tours may be sold out and you and your dad will be disappointed.

You can catch a bus tour every day of the year from both Vegas and Phoenix. If you start your tour in Vegas, you can go to the West or South Rims, but if you leave from Phoenix, you will go to the South Rim only.

Bus from Phoenix to South Rim

The bus trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon is incredibly scenic and you will see a lot on your 3 hour ride. One awesome sight is in Sedona, which is noted for the amazing red rock buttes in the area. The tour bus takes you to the city of Tusayan, Arizona, which is close to the main gates of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park Airport is located here.

Or you might want to opt for a luxury van tour instead, but these only hold 12 people so space is limited. If you want the ultimate in comfort and a more personalized trip, it might be a good option for you.

Bus from Vegas to the Grand Canyon

You have a lot of options when it comes to Vegas coach tours. The basic option goes to the West Rim while the upgraded one lets you add on a float tour of the Colorado River, a walk on the all-glass bridge or a chopper descent to the floor of the canyon.

The helicopter flight to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is awesome and the West Rim’s the only place that is allowed. On the other hand, you don’t want to miss out on the Skywalk either because it is the biggest glass cantilevered bridge on earth.

A lot of people love taking the bus tour out of Las Vegas that goes to the South Rim. It is a 5 hour bus ride to the South Rim, while the ride to the West Rim is about half that. The longer ride is worth it though because the South Rim is so scenic. A lot of the iconic photos of the Grand Canyon were taken at the South Rim.

If you can do it, take the rim-to-rim aerial tour while you are there. You will get to fly over to the North Rim and back. It is an amazing experience because you get to soar over the deepest and widest part of the canyon called the Dragoon Corridor.

Getting Discounts When You Book Your Tour

If you want to take dad on a bus tour to celebrate his holiday, try to get your tickets a week or two ahead of time. If you wait until last minute, you may run into trouble. You might not be able to get seats at all, or the ones available may not be the best choice.

Keep in mind, the lowest rates are only available on the Web. You can use the Internet discount when you buy your tickets online on the tour operator’s site. If you buy your seats from, say, your hotel concierg or travel agent, you will pay a lot more.

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