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Get Adventurous! Take a Las Vegas Tour to the Grand Canyon This Holiday Season

Get Adventurous! Take a Las Vegas Tour to the Grand Canyon This Holiday Season

New Year’s holidays in Las Vegas are a great way to ring in 2014. You can make the occasion more memorable by taking a day excursion to the Grand Canyon where there are many fun things to do.

That’s right, the Grand Canyon, one of America’s most popular National Parks.

You may not even realize the canyon is so close to Vegas. It is actually a popular draw for vacationers in Vegas because it is just 120 miles away.

So how does it all work?

There are lots of ways such as helicopter and plane flights or bus tours. In addition, there are other adventures such as Jeep, ATV, and walking tours. Let’s take a look at the top three Grand Canyon tours.

Bus tours are very popular and these go to the South and West Rims. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is at the West Rim and it is a shorter ride to get there. The ride to the South Rim is longer since it is 277 miles away, but that part of the canyon is filled with scenic beauty. Buses depart once daily for the tours and they only stop in one place, which is the Hoover Dam where you can take photos.

If you take a plane tour instead, you will get to the South Rim in about an hour and the West Rim in about 30 minutes. These tours are ideal if you don’t have much time to devote to a tour and want to save money. Planes are the best way to get to the South Rim. As noted, it takes an hour. Compared to a 5.5-hour bus ride, it’s like riding a Cheetah.

Next we have the helicopter tours. These only go to the West Rim because the South is too far away. You can fly over the canyon and come right back, or you can land there on top of the rim or on the canyon floor. One popular landing tour flies down to the canyon floor where you can enjoy a nice picnic complete with champagne. The descent into the canyon is quite thrilling.

One nice thing about tours to the Grand Canyon is they are all-inclusive. All your expenses are bundled into one price so you don’t have to pay for lunch on the landing tours, Park fees, fuel surcharges, or transportation to and from your hotel. So the price you pay when you pay for your tour is the final price.

It’s going to be cold in Vegas during the New Year’s holidays and the same can be said for the Canyon. Dress warmly so you will be comfortable in freezing temperatures. The nice thing is the day does heat up as time goes on but there’s not guarantee that it will so dress accordingly. So bring along a jacket. It is also a good idea to take along gloves and a hat.

I mentioned online checkout earlier, which leads me to price. The best deals are on the Web. Plus, it is a lot better than looking all around for a coupon or good deal. Your time is too valuable for that. By buying your tour online, you can enjoy great savings and the ultimate convenience in selecting your tour.

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