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Grand Canyon Bus Tours – Experienced Summer Travelers Book Seats Ahead Of Time

Grand Canyon Bus Tours – Experienced Summer Travelers Book Seats Ahead Of Time

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and want to enter from Las Vegas, you have to consider luxury coach trips. If you think a luxury trip is out of your reach, you might rethink that idea after reading this article. Traveling by bus happens to be one of the most affordable ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon. It’s also the reason travelers sign up for them in droves. Since these trips are so popular and affordable, you should try to book your seats as much in advance as possible. Here are five more reasons why it’s smart to RSVP this trip:

1. You are far less likely to get pushed out of your seats if you have reserved them ahead of time. With close to forty million visitors touring through Las Vegas every year, this is one of the most popular destinations. Many people travel in groups, but family trips and solo travelers are common as well. A healthy number of these travelers come through the city with plans of taking a Grand Canyon bus tour. If you are trying to book a trip for the next day, cross your fingers. Last minute reservations often end up on a waiting list. This means you have no guarantee of getting seats. For instance, I have been bumped in the past by corporate groups arriving for a tour at the last minute. I would have been spared that displeasure had I just called ahead of time to book my seats.

2. The best seats are saved for you. Ideally, you should sit in front or around the middle. Better air-conditioning and views. Most seats are booked from the front to back by ticket agents. If you want to land seats toward the front of the bus, you will have to get your reservations in before those seats are assigned to others. It is no different when reserving seats for a group: The only way to ensure the group is seated together is to reserve seats together far in advance.

3. You get to relax. You know that planning a successful trip takes a lot of effort and can lead to headaches. For me, the last thing I want to do is make bookings at the destination. It is confusing and frustrating, but more importantly, it typically forces you to settle and compromise. The trouble is eliminated when you reserve seats for your Grand Canyon bus tour in advance and simply show up to fill your seats.

4. You get priority scheduling. The weather in this area of the country can be difficult to predict. When the snow starts to fall or the wind starts to blow, many coach trips will be cancelled. You can’t control Mother Nature. You can determine your re-booking if you’re a pre-paid customer who has booked in advance. You may end up with better seats when you schedule the new tour. Many passengers will be unable to go at the new tour time, so their seats will open up.

5. The best rates are always offered in advance. Here is one question that I hear over and over: Is it best to book bus tour seats on destination, or in advance? My reply is always as follows: The best deals come to those who book early. Expect to pay substantially more if you wait to book in Vegas. The earlier you book, the better your deals will be, and the more money you will save. Additionally, you will find the best deals if you shop online. The steepest discount I have seen to date was 35% off. If you travel outside of peak seasons, you will avoid the highest prices. Always use the Internet to make your trip as affordable as possible.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus tours go to the West Rim or the South Rim. You are better served on the West Rim (120 miles outside of Vegas) if you want to see the Skywalk and enjoy other excursions. The South Rim is better for taking in Canyon views, which is why many people refer to this section as the ?real? canyon. This is the longer tour, since it is 270 miles out of Vegas.

Bus tours to the West Rim include helicopter rides to the bottom (only available at this rim) and a pontoon boat ride down the Colorado River. The South Rim has its own pleasures, such as an optional helicopter journey over the widest and deepest part of the canyon, which is the Dragoon Corridor.

Everything you need to enjoy these trips is included, from hotel shuttling to breakfast and lunch. Your coach will have access to a clean bathroom, and you will enjoy large windows for viewing the scenery, television, and reclining seats. You also get to learn from your driver, who will be a trained guide full of information. If English is not your primary language, you can select from ten languages for the narrations offered during the tour.

If you want to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon and are traveling on a budget, a bus tour is the best way to go. Buses are modern and comfortable and the trips are all-inclusive, which means the only thing you need to bring is your sense of adventure. Due to their popularity, I highly recommend that you book in advance. Doing so will guarantee your seats and save you from the frustration that comes with buying these tours in Vegas.

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