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Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon bus tours are ideal for customers who want to let someone else drive them to one of the most amazing sites in America. This natural wonder attracts thousands of people every year. A bus will provide you with a luxurious and comfortable ride to the south or west rim of the canyon.

Wait for the bus to arrive outside the lobby of your hotel rather than going to the expense of hiring a car or boarding public transport that will take you to the tour agency. The bus driver will collect passengers at various hotels around Las Vegas before starting the journey to your ultimate destination. Since this takes a few hours, there will be a stop along the way so that passengers can stretch their legs.

Choose a package that includes breakfast. This will save you a bit of time in the morning, and also help you to pass the time before arriving at the National Park. Select a narrated tour, possibly one where the guide is a Hualapai Indian. He can give visitors a unique perspective on the importance of this region to his people, who have lived here for thousands of years.

There will be many opportunities to take photos of the Canyon as the driver takes individuals from one stop to the next along the rim. The canyon is not the only thing to see, however. A tour operator might stop the coach at the Historic Village District where passengers can do some shopping. Get off of the highway and visit a Joshua Tree Forest.

Visit an old train station during your time in the area. Learn about the geology and wildlife of this area as well as some aspects of Hualapai culture. Bighorn sheep are frequently spotted around the area. Opt for a tour that stops at the Skywalk and step out onto a glass floor that extends many feet from Eagle Point and look down on the magnificent Columbia River.

Your day will be a long one. Visitors do not have to pack a lunch, though. Bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera. Also remember that, while the desert is hot during the day, temperatures can plummet, so be prepared. Lunch will be provided.

One package comes with a BBQ picnic lunch. Other packages supply lunch on-board the bus. Get back into the air conditioned coach for the long drive home and find yourself a bottle of water from the cooler. It is important to hydrate yourself after a morning spent exploring the desert.

Grand Canyon bus tours are exciting and popular excursions, but the journey can feel long. This is why tour companies provide luxurious buses with ample leg room and video screens on-board. Leave your portable DVD player at home and travel light. Companies provide different price options for customers. You can take the basic tour, or upgrade this to a more expensive trip featuring a few extras. Groups and corporations could be eligible for special rates. Another way to take advantage of reduced prices is by booking your bus trip online instead of arranging one through a hotel or a tour agent situated in Las Vegas.

Sit back, relax and let someone else drive you to the beautiful places in America! You can find information about Grand Canyon Bus Tours at now.