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Grand Canyon – Finding Great Bus Tours

Grand Canyon – Finding Great Bus Tours

Grand Canyon motor coach trips are a less expensive alternative to costly plane and helicopter tours. They’re also more convenient than driving your own vehicle or a rental car to this magnificent natural wonder. No matter how you look at it, a National Park bus tour is a sightseeing option that makes a great deal of sense.

You can book a quality motor coach tour out of Las Vegas for a very good price. All of the bus tours are pretty much alike. The buses used are modern tour motor coaches that are very comfy and they are driven by friendly and knowledgeable drivers who can answer your questions about the region. In addition, you will enjoy a nice lunch and free shuttle service from the bus stop to your hotel on the Vegas Strip.

The West Rim and the South Rim are the two most popular motor coach tour destinations. The West Rim is actually part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas. It takes twice as long to get to the South Rim. However, many people consider the South Rim to be the real Grand Canyon.

Actually, it is difficult to say which rim is best. The answer depends on your circumstances and the type of experience you want. If you are more interested in soaking up the natural beauty of the region, then a tour to the South Rim probably is best. If someone’s time is limited and they’re seeking adventure and excitement, I suggest they head to the West Rim. The base prices of the two types of tours are basically the same. However, if you add on options and side trips, you will pay more.

I strongly urge you to book your Grand Canyon bus tour in advance. That will save you a lot of money since you will be able to get some great deals. If you’ll be visiting in the peak-season summer months, I suggest you book your bus tour early, during the off-season. Tickets cost less then. If you want a West Rim package that includes a chopper flight to the canyon floor, book in advance to make sure your travel party can all fly together (remember, though, that copters can only hold six people).

It is best to buy your tickets from the operator of the tour. You will see tickets offered at street kiosks, travel agents, and your hotel concierge, but if you buy from them, you will pay much more. They have to charge more so they can make a profit.

There are many operators in Las Vegas that offer tours to the Grand Canyon, so you should shop and compare to get the best deal on your trip. Just use the internet and it will be easy, plus you will find internet discounts to take advantage of too. Take your time so you get the ultimate trip at the best price.

Once you decide, book your trip online. By comparing the prices online, you can easily find the best one for your budget. When you go to the websites of the different tour operators, be sure to look for special internet discounts and seasonal offers too. The best prices for these motor coach trips are on the Internet. To use the internet special, you will have to complete your transaction online.

These bus tour providers strive to deliver an amazing experience. They pretty much have to provide awesome tours or they would go out of business quickly since there is so much competition. You don’t want to run out of money during your vacation, so don’t book a Grand Canyon tour that’s beyond your budget. Enjoying yourself while you’re visiting the magnificent Grand Canyon is the important thing.

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