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Impress Your Guests aboard Sydney Harbour Boat Tours

Impress Your Guests aboard Sydney Harbour Boat Tours

It truly is a wonder the entire world doesn’t move to Australia there is so much beauty and exciting things to explore. You can’t go wrong entertaining guests from Australia or from another continent with Sydney Harbour boat tours. There are hundreds of different venues from which to choose including daytrips and evening tours.

Sydney Harbour boat tours are something your guests will share and remember for the rest of their lives. Whether you prefer a night of dancing, or a day of fun snorkelling or sailing, there are plenty of options available for entertaining guests aboard Sydney boat tours.

Popular Sydney Harbour Tours

Your guests probably have a long list of things to do and see. Sydney boat tours are offered every day of the year, but they book quickly. Some events such as the Hobart yacht race, New Years Eve fireworks and Australia Day are often booked well in advance. If your guests are planning their trip well in advance during those timeframes, you may be able to get reservations. However, if you aren’t locked in to those events there are 362 other days of the year from which to plan Sydney boat tours.

Other Scenic Sydney Side Trips

There are also some popular places your guests should enjoy in advance of or after the Harbour cruises. The stunning Sydney Opera House and the Taronga Zoo appeal to all generations. The Bells Line of Road in the Blue Mountains is a spectacular road to travel to the Botanical Gardens and Birds in Kurrajong Hills. This side trip allows your guests to appreciate the incredibly vast region surrounding the city of Sydney.

Scenic Sydney Boat Tours Day or Night

If your guests wouldn’t mind a little indulgence, then a sunset or evening dinner cruise aboard an elegant yacht is sure to leave them feeling royally treated. Depending on the charter, there are options for a buffet cruise or an elegant sit down dinner cruise followed by dancing under the stars. In most cases a sightseeing cruise can be organised in conjunction with dining or cocktails and snacks.

Daytime Sydney boat tours are also available and can include sightseeing packages, whale watching, luncheons or even a themed event – think pirates ‘matey! Pack of the family and guests for a day of jaunty fun with the likes of Blackbeard and rein act your own version of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but with an Australian accent!

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