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Istanbul tours amidst the natural beauty leads people into the exotic national parks

Istanbul tours amidst the natural beauty leads people into the exotic national parks

The landscapes of the country of turkey in general and the region around the capital city of Istanbul are so blessed with natural beauty that tourists on the Istanbul tours are compelled to have a tour of the surrounding regions. The enriched flora and fauna have been major attractions of the Istanbul sightseeing tours which bring so many visitors to this country when they are on a Europe tour, that without a visit to the cultural capital of Europe, the tour is incomplete.

People can enjoy a variety of excursions and visits to sightseeing places as well as take up the Istanbul Cruiser Tours, but interesting part of the travel is found in the natural habitats and national parks that are found in the vicinity of the city of Istanbul. During personnel Istanbul tours, people can come across the serene surroundings of the city and the outskirts where the tourists have been able to accumulate a lot of peace and enjoyment. Private tour company in Istanbul can be asked to arrange for the trip to the different national parks which are situated a little away from the centre of the city with great commuting by personal vehicles or those arranged by the tourist agencies.

Interested tourists can start off with the tour to the Beykoz district of Istanbul in the northeastern part of the city where the Goknarlik nature reserve is present in the small village of Tokat. This is a place which precisely reflects the cool and calm surroundings of Istanbul, although a lot of the ecosystem has started vanishing in recent years. But the beauty of the place can be devoured by the tourists on Istanbul private tours with the maze of naturally growing fir tree grove, chestnut trees, horn beam trees and medicinal hazel nut trees.

In the same district of Beykoz, the village of Polonezkoy can be reached by private vehicles and has not only a rich heritage of history associated with it, but also is considered as the first national park in Istanbul. This place visited during the Istanbul tours, lets people enjoy the beautiful central European styled houses with pretty balconies and the vast green expanses with streams and wooden bridges in the expansive range of forest lands. With the myriad animals and birds and trees in this area, such as the elm, alder, chestnut and lime, where the birds have their peaceful abode, the tourists on Istanbul sightseeing tours get the most satisfactory stay. The food and residences, reflecting the polish descendancy, make the Istanbul private tours a successful outing.

Another outing into the Turkmenbasi near to Belgrade offers the perfect recipe for relaxation and recreation for the tourists on personnel Istanbul tours. This is a popular spot for the tourists for walking, picnicking and is favored by children and adults alike. Into the deeper parts of the jungles, people can go on for a safari tour with visuals of wild animals like jackals, wild boar, reptiles and various kinds of birds. During the winters, the snowfalls add to the beauty of the region and to preserve the variety of trees like oak, black pine and others, the place was declared as a national forest area. Due to the conservation efforts, the national park has become a hot spot for tourists coming on Istanbul sightseeing tours.

During the travel to Istanbul and turkey, people can enjoy, not only the monumental structures, but also the beauty of the natural environment that makes the visits quite justified. The tourists take back memories of the place that can be cherished for a lifetime and any place else always evokes a feeling of comparison to the natural beauty of this country.

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