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Jackson Hole Vacations: Top 5 Sightseeing Tours For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Jackson Hole Vacations: Top 5 Sightseeing Tours For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Peaceful mountain ranges and numerous natural attractions make Jackson Hole vacations ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Even those planning Southeastern Idaho vacations should include these fun and adventurous sightseeing tours in their itineraries. For added convenience, there are luxurious resorts in Idaho not far from Jackson Hole to give you a great place to relax after a day of touring.

Whitewater Rafting Or A Floating Trip

Whitewater rafting trips and floating tours are a fun and adventurous addition to Jackson Hole vacations for a family or solo Idaho vacations. Located close to several resorts in Idaho, these trips range from four hours to a thirteen-hour overnight excursion available for anyone four years old and up. The floating tours are for anyone looking for a quiet and peaceful trip while the rafting trip lets you enjoy the thrill of the rapids. To learn about the area, a knowledgeable guide accompanies you on the trip. A professional staff also runs the raft, so you can sit back, enjoy the ride, and even take pictures.

Old Faithful, Cave Drawings, And Yellowstone National Park

Several different guided sightseeing tours of Yellowstone National Park can be included in Jackson Hole vacations to suit your personal preferences. You can venture through this historic park on foot, horseback, or even in a specially designed touring vehicle. Tours of the park are available in varying lengths to fit into Idaho vacations of any style. This way, you can tour for the full day or spend a couple of hours seeing Old Faithful and the Cave Drawings before retiring to one of the many resorts in Idaho.

Dog Sledding

Winter in Jackson Hole has not been left out when it comes to great sightseeing tours. Dog sledding tours are a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Bridger Teton National Forest and Granite Creek Canyon differently than those who choose to visit during the summertime. You can choose to drive your own team or let someone else handle the reigns while you enjoy the crisp winter air and the beauty of the winter wonderland. Close to many resorts in Idaho and Jackson Hole, the starting location of the tour is easy and convenient to include in your winter vacation plans.

Grand Teton National Park

A wildlife tour in Grand Teton National park is a fantastic way to observe the local wildlife while staying at one of the local resorts in Idaho. A popular choice for Jackson Hole vacations from May to October, these guided tours take you off the beaten track to give you the best opportunity to see a variety of animals and birds in their natural habitat without the interference of civilization. If a less intensive Idaho vacation is in order, several horseback and driving tours are also available in the area.

Wagon Ride Tours

Although it is a bit of a drive from Jackson Hole, vacations here are not complete without a wagon ride tour to the Lava Hot Springs. Instead of laying about in one of the resorts in Idaho, these evening tours provide you with a delicious meal in the open air, great music, and a chance to ride under the stars while delighting in the natural surrounding and friendly company. For those planning family Idaho vacations, the kids will love roasting hot dogs on an open fire while singing campfire songs.

Whether you are considering one of several wintertime Idaho vacations or a relaxing summertime retreat in one of the resorts in Idaho, there is never a dull moment in the area surrounding Teton Valley and Jackson Hole. Vacations here can include any number of activities to ensure that there is something for everyone. Because these tours are never the same, they are enjoyable even if you are a repeat visitor.

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