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Key West Tours — Politics, Literature, And More

Key West Tours — Politics, Literature, And More

Key West has a long and colorful history. Florida’s southern most city has been the home away from home for some of the country’s foremost writers, thinkers, and believers. From the historic streets of Old Town to the sea shacks of pirates and presidents, Key West offers a glimpse into the lives of some of its greatest past residents.

Key West tours are numerous and vary a great degree. If you are going to the island and wish to explore, a tour — or many tours — may be needed to take it all in. There are some great sights on the island. Here are a few you just can’t afford to miss.

Hemingway’s Haunts And The Town Of Tennessee

Two of the giants of the literary world, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams both called Key West home for at least a portion of their prolific and creative lives. Hemingway wrote one of his masterworks, A Farewell to Arms, along with many short stories while living on the island. It is thought that the characters contained in the book are based in large part upon those people he met while living on the island.

Tennessee Williams was a resident of Key West for over 30 years. It is where he wrote A Streetcar Named Desire, soaked up the sun, and took refuge from the literary world.

There are many Key West tours that make stops at both of these literary giants’ favorite places. If you do take a ride through the realm of the giants of fiction, make sure to ask about Hemingway’s seven toed cat. Legend has it its descendants still roam the island.

Getaway Of Presidents

Maybe there is something in the water, or the sea air that fills their lungs that attracts presidents to Key West. As a naval base, it was first visited by William Howard Taft. Later, that same land was transformed into a retreat by Harry S. Truman. Since then, the Harry S. Truman Little White House has hosted Eisenhower, Kennedy, and most recently Clinton.

Now open to the public, Key West tours of this sunny, coastal retreat occur daily and provide a unique look into the private lives of our most public figures.

Old Town, Shipwrecks, And Swashbucklers Aplenty

As you would expect, Key West was for a period of time a hotbed of pirate activity. As a port city along a major shipping route, the city was a reluctant host to outlaws, swashbucklers, and singers of many a shanty.

Key West tours of Old Town are a glimpse into the sordid past of the island. Though they were chased off the island in the early 1800s, pirates are still a hot topic among tourists and locals alike. A trip to Old Town will put you right into the thick of what was once pirate country. Historic shipwrecks below the surface and beautiful architecture rising above the landscape all explained in great deal on one of many popular Key West tours during the day or night.

Christine O’Kelly writes for the Key West tours experts at Best on Key West. They provide information and booking for day trips and activities in America’s southern most city.