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Know These Expert Tips For Your First Trek To Himalayas

Know These Expert Tips For Your First Trek To Himalayas

Do you yearn to explore the Indian Himalayas with forbidden peaks? Don’t know where to start? The following tips will help you get rid of the newbie mistakes and be sure to enjoy the journey beyond expectations. Overland Escape in Ladakh, India can provide custom made tour packages, organize trekking and hiking in Ladakh and Himalayan ranges.

Plan your trip: Design well your itinerary. Lack of thorough planning can break a trip, so take enough time to master your time, budget your trek and assemble a perfect itinerary.

What is your interest? Centuries old culture or remote mountain passes? If you want ancient monasteries, then Little Tibet or Ladakh are the best places to go. If you would like to trek through luxuriant forests then you can explore Sikkim. To have spectacular mountain views, you can go to Garhwali with little trekked trails which are on par with Himalaya. Do not be ambitious while framing the itinerary. Allow plenty of contingency days for inclement weather, acclimatization, village celebrations extra day for stunning campsite. It would take lifetime in understanding the Himalaya. So, do not expect to master the mountains within a single trip.

Frame your budget: If you are taking independent trekking, work out all the costs that include hiring porters, guide, food, accommodation, transportation and then double it. Take care and include unforeseen costs. If you are planning with the trekking agency, then plan to keep money at hand at least 10% of your total budget.

Favorable time to trek: March to June is often considered as the peak trekking season. But make sure you are weather aware in your trip. The Himalayas are subjected to complex weather pattern even the experienced travelers get caught in the season. The Indian Himalayas experience a long and cold winter from the mid of November to March.

Safety First: Trekking is a special activity and it is crucial to read upon the acclimatization. You cannot heavily rely on GPS and detailed contour can also become unreliable in certain remote areas. So it is wise to invest and hire an experienced local guide.

Check your health and gear: You need not impress anyone in the remote mountain pass area so make sure you gear is strong enough to withstand the frequently changing mountain weather. No need to invest latest outdoor gear if you are in good shape in your trekking gear. If you are having the arrangements through an agent, double check the things included. At least bring your own sleeping mat, sleeping bag and light weight tent.

Tips for the trek:

1. Be positive and pace yourself: With your physical preparation, have right frames of mind also. Let your trekking mantra be short steps, deep breaths when completing long up-hills and ascending steep passes. Do not cross swift rivers with bare foots as shoes can get dried but your sprained ankles can end your trek.

2. Protect your gear: Have a sturdy kitbag for your gear. Expensive cameras and dusty trails never mix and a slip could bring untold damage.

3. Keep your essentials at hand: Always have water, water proof jacket, dry pair of socks, spare sunhat. Have stuff bags to ease the packing and unpacking. Buy an umbrella locally not only to keep off from sun or rain but also helpful for mountain side bathroom breaks.

4. Be courteous and do not forget to flash a smile: While on the trail get into the habit of saying Namaste, or Salam or Julay. All the time you can’t get snappy-happy from the locals. Wait for the permission with a smile to bring out your camera.

5. Respect the environment by keeping your campsite cleaned up and without polluting the resources

6. Medical matters and so bring your essential medication.

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