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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours Relish The Natural Beauty Of Nature

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours Relish The Natural Beauty Of Nature

If you are headed for Las Vegas, you need to check out wide range of Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours. You will be astonished at the selection of excursions to choose from. They are perfect tours for anyone regardless if its your first time to the Grand Canyon or a returning trip. No doubt, there is a excursion that is well suited just for you. Whether you or someone in your group is a senior citizen or an adventurous type, there is a tour that is an ideal match meeting your needs.

Bus tours can be a excellent way to see the Grand Canyon if you’d rather not want to do the driving. It’s a convenient way for those elderly individuals or vacationers that have trouble getting around. It’s also great for groups with little ones. The total length of the trip is about 10 hours which includes 4 hours spent at the Grand Canyon with shuttle service to areas that are celebrated points of interest.

You will take the bus through the largest and ancient 900 year old Joshua Tree Forest, a photo stop at the Hoover Dam, take in the majestic views of the Black Canyon and and learn the historical past of the long gone and ancient Anasazi Indians. Upon arrival at the canyon the Hualapai Indians await your arrival eager to give you a warm welcome, and share information about their homeland and their beautiful and decorative culture. Thereafter you will be shuttled to all of the various points of interest to continue with your adventure before you are returned to your hotel. This is a marvelous and safe experience for the whole family.

If your looking to step it up a notch and add a little more adventure, check out the special Helicopter Tour of the canyon that will land at the base of the canyon where you are given a champagne picnic lunch! A courtesy hotel transport takes you to board your waiting helicopter so you don’t have to drive anywhere. Your flight first takes you above Boulder City, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam on your way to the Grand Canyon. It is about a 35 minute spectacular flight to get to your final destination. On the helicopter you will be treated to a magnificent experience as you soar like a bird viewing the magic of the Grand Canyon. Have camera ready because everywhere you look will be a natural splendor. At the West Rim you then descend 3,200 feet down to the base of the canyon to land on the banks of the Colorado River to enjoy the beauty of the Hualapai Indian land where you’ll indulge in your champagne picnic lunch.

For someone looking for a choice of all the Grand Canyon tours all wrapped up in one, look into the package tour that contains a combination of different excursions bundled into one fun great adventure. The tour starts the moment you are picked up at your hotel where you’ll be whisked away to the airport to catch your airplane flight to the canyon. First, you will fly over Las Vegas, Boulder City, Lake Mead and of course the Hoover Dam.

Here you will get on a pontoon riverboat where you will take a great 20 minute ride on the mighty Colorado River. Back on board your waiting helicopter and you will go to the top and be dropped off. Now you can catch a complimentary sightseeing bus will shuttle that takes you to several of the well traveled and highly visited points all along the rim of the canyon. You’ll stop by Skywalk, one of the main sights where you’ll have an opportunity to walk out onto a glass bottom bridge that protrudes out and over the Grand Canyon. After you catch your breath you will be taken to Guano Point to enjoy a truly traditional Indian BBQ after which you are taken back to your hotel to call it a fantastic day.

If you are more into thrills than just sightseeing there is no need to fret. There are additional tours for all of you thrill seekers out there. You’ll find ATV and Off Road Vehicle Tours, Rafting Tours on the Colorado River, Horseback Riding Tours, Jet Boat Tours on the Colorado and even Area 51 Tours. OK, you may not go in Area 51 but you get to experience the fierce and severe nature that encompasses the area with their NO TRESPASSING BEYOND THIS POINT and KEEP OUT, USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED signs! And this is no laughing matter.

No matter what personality type you happen be, how old you are what your gender is or how daring you are, you will find that there is a tour that is just right for you, your likes and dislikes as well as your budget. So check out these tours the next time you are in Las Vegas and make your Vegas experience a memory of a lifetime. You deserve it!

There is an endless variety of Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours to suit every age group and every type of personality. Get the exclusive inside scoop now in our Attractions Las Vegas overview.