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Multi Dimensions Of Oman Tour Like Safari Tours & Dolphin Watching

Multi Dimensions Of Oman Tour Like Safari Tours & Dolphin Watching

Safari tours, dolphin watching and the smell of burning frankincense bring to mind a trip to the Arabian peninsula or in particular, to the Sultanate of Oman. For the tourists looking to take a laid back yet enjoyable vacation, Oman may just be it. The country has vast areas that are on many tourists maps when they plan on visiting the Arabian Peninsula. The country presents a new modernistic look while keeping its heritage intact. The country lies with the Strait of Hormuz on one side and the UAE neighboring it from the other. Various air routes are available and various airlines fly in and out of Oman. For the more adventure seeking travelers, the sea route can be one that fulfills their thirst for adventure.

Muscat, the capital and the largest city, has a historic presence dating thousands of years and was known to be a well-established trading post and a source of great revenue for the Sultanate. The city was once under the control of the Portuguese, Turks and Persians. The city offers scenic views and is surrounded by towering mountains and a natural water edge that forms a harbor. Today, Muscat is a modern city with great infrastructure and top notch hotels with reasonable facilities available for the tourists. The city contains a mix of historic and natural sights that move well into the other parts of the country like safari tours, hiking, dolphin watching, etc.

Oman is home to many world heritage sites that indicate prehistoric human settlements in Oman making it more enchanting for the travelers. The country is a very safe and secure place to visit and has friendly people. With the sultanate looking for other viable sources of income before the oil runs out, tourism is the alternate source which stands out. Currently, the country relies on oil and natural gas for its main revenue generation. The cuisine is simple yet very heartwarming and those looking to have a go at traditional Bedouin cuisine are in for a treat. Being a Muslim country, tourists must follow strict Islamic dress codes.

The country offers tremendous opportunities to go on sea excursions using a dhow- a sort of traditional Arabian yacht. Dolphin watching is also a famous activity at sea while one can enjoy the safari tours as well. Many professional safari tour operators are available that cater to everyone’s specific needs with their tailor made safari tour packages. Some just include tours for the day and some may even last for days. It all depends upon the love for adventure and the desert.

The marine life in the Arabian Sea is just awe-inspiring and many tourists just visit Oman to get a sense of the diversity of marine life there. A must try for all the first time visitors is the Arabic flavored tobacco bubble drink called Sheesha. Oman produces many natural scents that have very pleasing aromas. For centuries these have been used to make perfumes of the highest quality. The frankincense is a raisin obtained from trees having a natural and smooth fragrance. It is usually burnt indirectly using hot coals and is a sign of nobility amongst the Arabs.

Sheikh Al Zubari is an expert tourism consultant associated with Ministry of Tourism of Oman that specializes in Tourist Spots all over Sultanate of Oman, Dolphin watching. The experience of safari tours, frankincense in Oman is really special for me.