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Outdoor Activities in Cabo San Lucas: Cycling and Hiking

Outdoor Activities in Cabo San Lucas: Cycling and Hiking

Hiking is probably one of the simplest things you can do in Cabo San Lucas. This excellent Mexican vacation destination has a wide stretch of sandy beaches and a desert where you can actually tour by foot – that is if you love hiking and enjoy the pleasures of the activity.

Cabo also has many astonishing rock formations that added to the beauty of its beaches, surrounding waters and the entire place actually. You can also find pleasure in hiking through the desert where you can also get to know Cabo San Lucas’ plant and animal life in the desert area.

It would be helpful however to go hiking with a group. You can actually sign up for hiking tours, which will also provide your group with a tour guide. The guide could also give you information on the many places, animals and plant life in Cabo.

When hiking, it is also advisable to wear proper footwear that would protect you particularly from snakes and jackrabbits, as you might encounter them on the road.

Among the best hiking sites in Cabo are the areas around the La Laguna Mountains and in the Cape Region. The most favorite hiking destination however is the waterfalls at Santiago which will took you half an hour before you will get to see a clear pools that is just right for a picnic after the hike.

You can also do cycling around Cabo if you love the activity. Mountain bike rentals are available in Cabo and you can have one for several hours or rent them for the entire day. Among the favorite cycling areas is going to the Old Lighthouse as well as in the desert area.

Same with hiking, it would be more fun and safer to go cycling in groups, most especially if you are not familiar with the place. Guided tours are however widely available in Cabo San Lucas. When cycling, it is important to bring the essentials – water, first aid kits, detailed map and of course, you should wear your helmet.

Keeping yourself safe at all times would ensure a good, and enjoyable adventure in Cabo San Lucas.

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