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Sacramento Recreational Tours By Limousine

Sacramento Recreational Tours By Limousine

Sacramento is a scenic town with river parks and loads of activities for recreation. The city is known to have developed a California Gold Rush. While the old Sacramento Historic Area is situated along riverbanks, you will find the National Historic Landmark spread out across 28 acres that attracts millions of visitors every year. There are many wooden-slat sidewalks and horse drawn carriages on cobblestone streets to give you a sense of the vitality and bustle in Sacramento of the mid-nineteenth century. The carriages may not be as comfortable as a limo though.

If you are planning to take a recreational tour of Sacramento in a limo, you are sure to find all the museums, shops and restaurants on the list of the chauffeur. You can also enjoy numerous activities like going to the Central Pacific Railroad depot, paddling in the 19th century boats, or just exploring the hustle bustle on the Old Sacramento waterfront market.

The other activities you can find in Sacramento are golf, skiing, fishing, cycling, nature-trails, horseback riding, and more. Sacramento has numerous attractions and you might fall short of time, but not the places. Also, don’t miss out on special events in the city during your visit. If you have come to Sacramento, make sure you don’t miss out on the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles. These attractions add to the fun, thrill and excitement of Sacramento.

Sacramento recreational tours by limo are incomplete without a visit to the Sacramento zoo. The best get-away for the family; your kids would be thrilled to see more than 400 exotic animals are on display at the zoo. The animals in the Sacramento zoo include lemurs, zebras, pandas, snow leopards, chimpanzees and jaguars, etc. The zoo places emphasis on protecting endangered animals along with recreation of the natural habitats. If you are looking for a family sized adventure then from the zoo you can head towards the Funderland Amusement Park or the Fairytale Town.

The next stop within the recreational tour of Sacramento would be the Fairytale Town, which is a park with themes from fairytales and nursery rhymes. Sacramento has what you always wished for on a holiday, it has numerous river cruises and museums. Irrespective of the fact that you can learn more about the city through its history or architecture, just hire a limo tour. Sacramento has recreational tours according to your budget.

If you hire a limo to visit the city during the Memorial Day weekend, you can also enjoy the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee that is the largest get together of jazz bands from all over world. Sacramento Jazz Jubilee has more than 100 bands and it attracts no less than 100,000 listeners every year! Sacramento holds a Bridge-to-Bridge festival every year. This festival goes on for 2 days and features boat races, boating exhibitions and the Coast Guard display and wakeboard demonstrations. Regardless of where you want to go in Sacramento, you can be sure to find a limo service at your disposal.

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