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Safety Tips for Motorcycle Adventure Tours in India

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Adventure Tours in India

There is no doubt that travelling on a two wheeler seems more than by a car. You get to live life on edge and travel with an expectation to tear up a mountain pass on a 500 cc Royal Enfield. You can ride as fast as you like in order to experience the best adrenaline rush of your life. Or just ride at 40 to 50 kilometers per hour speed so as to enjoy the true beauty of nature and experience a different kind of peace and tranquility.

But riding on a road isn’t as easy you think it is. There are many aspects that need to be taken in to consideration. One such issue of consideration is safety. It is necessary that riders take some precautionary measures in order to avoid any accidents. Some of the precautionary measures are given below.

Never Forget Your Helmet
It is important that riders never forget to wear their helmet. It is counted to be one of the crucial aspects of motorcycle adventure tours in India. It can protect you in case you fall from the bike. You may regret your decision in case you lie down in a hospital bed with severe injuries at your head and face.

Gloves are essential just like a helmet. In fact, if you wish to have no blisters or swelling, then purchasing a pair of leather gloves will be considered as the perfect investment on your part.

Keep Your Eyes Open
Do not feel lost when traveling on road and look where you’re going. You will come across various spots that will look great and will definitely be a site to behold. But remember travelling with your eyes on the route is also essential.

Do Not Use Front Brake First
If you are in speed, then try not to use the front brake first. This is mainly because you can fall off the bike and damage your head and back severely. This is basic physics that every rider needs to bear in mind.

Slow Down at Curves
You also need to slow down at curves or when leaning on one side of your bike. And, always give a break when entering into a curve or entering a new road.

Do Not Drink & Drive
Another aspect that needs to be given serious consideration is to not drink and drive. It may seem cool at first. But motorbike adventure tours in India can turn out to be a disaster in case riders seem to drink and drive. This mostly causes accidents on steep and narrow roads.

Assume There Are No Mirrors on Your Bike
By this, its means that you should avoid some blind spots, maintain proper spacing and assume that everyone or anyone can change their lane at any time. You just have to make sure that you let passer bys get their space to overtake you easily and you get to travel at your normal speed.
With these steps, you can definitely enjoy your trip to your desired location easily. And, the best part is that your safety at such a trip won’t be comprised, giving you the freedom to enjoy it to the fullest.

The author of this article has been on various motorcycle adventure tours in India. With firsthand experience, the author will highly recommend riders to go for the given tips and enjoy their motorbike adventure tours in India to the fullest.