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Services of Niagara tours from Toronto

Services of Niagara tours from Toronto

Bus and boat tours

Niagara Falls is a must visit place and the beauty of the falls can increase if you have good travelling services for it. There are many companies which help you in traveling to Niagara Falls form Toronto. The bus and boat tours are well known. You can easily get the services from any place ofToronto. The bus and boats tours provide you the free pickup service and they pick you up form any hotelsin Toronto. They pick up service is also from the airports and in case if you are not staying at any of the hotels in Toronto then you will be picked up from the star bucks.

Healthy lunch

Transportation is not an issue when you wish to visit NiagaraFalls. There are different packages and you can opt as per your choice. Many of the people wish to have the included lunch package which is costly. Some people who are not interested in the buffet lunch can take the package without lunch. The additional feature to the regular tour includes the helicopter ride. You can get the view of NiagaraFalls from the helicopter and for that ride you need to pay extra. The helicopter ride is expensive.

Pick up

Usually the Toronto to NiagaraFalls tour starts from 9 am in morning and ends at 6 in evening. The pickup is free and if you are to be picked up from the downtown then you will be picked at 8:30 and form nearby hotel you will be picked by 9 am. In your visit you will also be able to enjoy the Wellandcanal and it is a greatopportunity. You will be able to take beautiful pictures of the natural beauty. You can get free admission on the boat tour without standing into lines. The lunchprovided is of well known restaurant and at a greatplace. The food is healthy and fresh. You can enjoy the meal along with the natural beauty.

Other services

The thrill seekers can enjoy the helicopter ride above the Niagara Falls. You can get the best view of the table rocks which are located at top of the falls and you can have great photo opportunities. There is scenic drive included in the Niagara parkway. The Winston Churchill is included and it is known as prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in world. You will also be taken to visit the hydro power.

A stop at the Queenstown heights is also included and it is a good view as it is the only river which separates USA and Canada. Many other famous places are included into the day tour. Usually the tours are in small groups but large groups are also taken. A completely customized tour can also be planned. Some of the companies also offer the complementarywine tasting at the world class winery. You can buy different wines and also the ice wines. At the end of the journey you will return back to Toronto. The best part of the tours services is that money is never demanded in advance. You have to pay at the end of the journey and you can pay in cash in the boat.

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