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Spend Your Vacation in Elegance Uzbekistan Tours With Five Stans Adventures

Spend Your Vacation in Elegance Uzbekistan Tours With Five Stans Adventures

There are many places in the world with a good reputation amongst the travel lovers. Some are resort destinations, some adventure ones and some cultural-historic destinations.

Uzbekistan lies at the heart of the Great Silk Road. For centuries, oases of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva brought respite to the caravans as they made their way across the desert. A tour through this country immerses you in the essence of the progress of civilization as it moved west.

Today, Uzbekistan preserves this heritage while striving to bring its largely rural, historically nomadic populations better lives in a post-Soviet world. Slightly larger in area than California and with a population of 26 million, Uzbekistan contains more than half of Central Asia’s people.

Uzbekistan a colorful country with its hospitable, sincere and honest people; rich history and outstanding remains of earlier civilizations’ culture and art that go back several thousands of years. Samarqand, Bukhara and Khiva were once lighthouses of Islamic culture and science during the Middle Ages, therefore filled with brilliant remnants, landmarks and attractions that testify to that glorious centuries in your Uzbekistan Tours.

The Silk Road, Moghuls, Alexander the Great – you’d never think that all these historic places, milestones, and personalities have influenced and actually lived in the Central Asian region and Uzbekistan in particular. You’d probably recall India, Afghanistan, Persia, but never Uzbekistan. Mind you, the first of Moghuls – Babur – was born in what now is known as Fergana Valley in contemporary Uzbekistan. The legendary Taj Mahal was built by a direct descendant of Babur who, you guessed it right, was born “in Uzbekistan”. So there’s a ton of history in this diverse land and most Uzbeks are very proud of it.

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