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Spot and Savour: Sightseeing Tours in London

Spot and Savour: Sightseeing Tours in London

When you’re visiting the largest city in Europe, you may need a helping to ensure you’re not missing out on any of the best bits. And sightseeing tours are an ideal way to take in the top sights and attractions that London has to offer; where you can tailor your tour to suit whatever it is you wish to see.

Bus tours are operated by several rival companies, so you have the option to price shop between them in order to find the best deal. Open top double-decker buses set off every fifteen minutes from Victoria Station, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly, amongst other popular and well known tourist spots. It is important to understand that tours take roughly two hours, but remember you can usually hop on and off the bus as you please; so if something catches your eye, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a closer look.

If you’re looking for a sightseeing tour with a twist then look out for the amphibious World War II vehicles, which allow you to take a combined bus and boat tour along both road and river. The tour departs from behind the London Eye, where you tour the city streets for about 45 minutes, passing popular landmarks like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The multitasking vehicle then takes to the River Thames where you can enjoy a view of the city from its watery banks.

Walking tours are another appealing way to get up close and personal with all that Britain’s captivating capital has to offer. Guided by local specialists, walking tours tend to combine historical information with interesting tales, meaning you can discover some facts of London in the most interesting of ways.

General walking tours are also easy to find and can prove one of the best ways to see some of the more popular landmarks. You can also choose from the variety of themed tours on the market, varying from literary pub crawls to Beatles tours.

In fact, the city of London was a compelling source of inspiration for great writers such as William Shakespeare, William Blake and of course, Charles Dickens. With themed tours available on literary greats such as these, you can catch a glance into a world gone by and see for yourself some of the features of London that sparked the imagination of many.

What’s more, you can indulge your dark side with a Jack the Ripper tour where Londoners and visitors alike can explore the shadowy East End alleyways where the infamous murders occurred. The trip round the crooked and cobbled alleyways of Whitechapel and Spitalfields offer an insightful glimpse into Victorian life in London, which is a must for anyone with an interest in the macabre side of the city.

It is also good to know that many of the London Hotels should have further information on sightseeing tours, if you feel you should need it. Of course, the most difficult decision may be choosing which tour ticks all the boxes for you.

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