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Stunning and Astounding Natural Sites of Europe Tours

Stunning and Astounding Natural Sites of Europe Tours

Europe holiday packages are known for the history, culture and art. With the strong historic foundation, there are enough churches, cathedrals, basilica, museums, art galleries, bridges, chapels, palaces, and forts. These historic artifices have fascinates several Europe tourists. But real and natural beauty of Europe is magnificent as well. You do not need to visit South East Asia or South America for pristine beaches. Check out the beaches of Croatia. In same spirit, consider some of the finest natural sites of Europe for your next trip.


This is most popular natural travel site in Turkey, the Eurasian land. This natural wonder and mineral spa draws its name from “cotton castle”. The colour, shape and cascade of small pools of travertine make it one popular natural heritage site. The people from historic city of Hierapolis used this travertine as the thermal spa and till today, it has been considered most riveting site to see indeed.

The Northern Lights:

This is the most stunning natutal wonder from Europe. But, it is not your typical Europe tour. It is part of the tailor made Europe holiday packages, where you visit a relatively unknown destination like Abissko in Sweden to witness this natural extraordinaire between November and March. This kaleidoscopic colour display in the night sky is beyond your faintest imagination. Also known as Aurora Borealis; is one natural experience from Europe that is out of this world.

Jangfrau region:

You do not have to be winter sports fanatics to enjoy alpine splendour of Jangfrau. But, one this is sure, you will need to be prepared for it for your winter Europe tours. However, summer is another story. The lush greenery, vibrant foliage and exciting summer adventures fuse into one memorable Europe holiday package. This is relatively common. But, there are some extreme adventures that entice world’s finest thrill seekers and adventure lovers to these parts. Alpine terrain is filled with impressive vista for flora and fauna. Geological beauty and taller-than-sky mountain pinnacles of Jungfrau are ideal for different adventures throughout year. Whether you ski and snowboard in winter or hike and paraglide during summer, you must include these experiences in your Europe tours.

There is no doubt that European national parks, forests, lakes, meadows and other natural wonders are not just as charming. But, these unique and engaging holiday experiences are the perfect way to let your hair down enjoy the unrestrained world of natural beauty easily. So, make the most out of your Europe vacations by enjoying richer and finer delights of Europe.

Ninad Chaudhari works as a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Ninad is a passionate nature lover and finds best deals on travel packages to pursue his passion. He recently explored tailor made Europe holiday package from Cox & Kings and his albums are replete with picturesque photos of Europe tours.