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Summer Trips – 10 Truly Refreshing Outings You Will Love

Summer Trips – 10 Truly Refreshing Outings You Will Love

During the summer, most people spend a lot more time outside. The wonderful weather pulls people outside, so it isn’t surprising that everyone, be it couples, single people or families, look for fun summer activities that will allow them to enjoy all that nature has to offer. After a hard week of work, some people may want to go on a rejuvenating outing, while others may look for refreshing trips that provide that badly needed escape from the rigors of everyday life — even if only for a short weekend.

• Hiking

For people who don’t want to take the time to figure out where hiking trails are, what their difficulty level is, or how long different hikes are, guided tours are an excellent option. Taking a guided tour means you can choose one that’s geared to the abilities and needs of the hiker. Hikes can last from one to three hours, depending on the ability and interest level of hikers. From trails that run through valleys for hikers wanting a more leisurely trip, to steep trails for adventure seekers, there are plenty of trails to choose from, and all offer a memorable experience through some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

• Mountain Biking Tours

Take advantage of any of the countless bike rental opportunities that offer trips for any interest or skill level. Families who want to rid with children can enjoy scenic trails through valleys, as the trail follows the flow of a river or stream. Adventurers might opt for overnight bike trips that explore the wilderness, taking bikers through difficult terrain, and allowing them to gaze across a magnificent landscape from high above. Most biking tours take bikers along scenic trails through pine and spruce-filled air, following headwaters with views across fields of wildflowers. For a rejuvenating outing, consider an overnight bike trip that explores the wilderness and allows bikers to gaze across the magnificent landscape from high above.

• Fishing Tours

Fishing is another guided tour that many enjoy. Experienced fishing guides take visitors on float or wade fishing trips. You will enjoy some amazing river scenery as you fish your way downstream. Take advantage of fishing instruction in a controlled environment or rent poles to venture out on your own.

• Total Adventure Tours

For those who want to pack in as much fun and adventure as possible in a short amount of time, total adventure tours are the ticket. There are total tour packages that offer full-day or extended trips that include lodging. Tours include activities such as rafting, biking, a high rope course, and zip lining.

• Horseback Riding – Day and Overnight Trips

Experience the beauty and variety of different landscapes, while enjoying the pleasant summertime weather on horseback. There are various options for horseback tours, from simple trail rides, to the opportunity to round up cattle. You can take the ultimate adventure by traveling to the overnight camping site on horseback while enjoying the splendor of nature.

• Rafting Trips

Whitewater rafting is an unforgettable opportunity that gives adventurers a unique look at the area landscape. There are rafting trips for every age and experience level, whether you’re looking for a relaxing river trip that offers the peacefulness afforded by the surrounding canyon views, or a real adventure found on surging waters.

• Jeep Tours

Guided open-air jeep tours take travelers through backcountry, allowing them to breathe the freshest air, while taking in 360 degree panoramic views of meadows, alpine streams and more. Jeep tours give guests the opportunity to explore a historical ghost town or the remains of a mine.

ATV Tours

A great family-friendly adventure is an ATV tour since they are large enough to hold several passengers. These tours explore high peaks, historic sites, and climb through wildflower-filled alpine meadows.

• Hot Air Balloon Rides

For those who want the opportunity to see the breathtaking scenery from a unique perspective, nothing compares to a hot air balloon ride. It also gives riders the chance to see some wildlife that might not otherwise be as easily visible.

• Zip Line Adventures

Thrill seekers can soar 200 feet above the river, with the longest ranging 1000 feet by taking a zip line tour. There are several zip lines for adventurers to enjoy, all offering a fabulous adrenaline rush and an unusual, but eco-friendly view of all of the area’s natural wonders.

For refreshing trips you will remember forever, any or all of these trips will give you experiences and adventures that will definitely make a lasting impression. Guided tours offer the advantage of providing would-be guests with the equipment they’ll need for the adventure of their choosing. The best part of it is that all of these activities can enjoyed alone, by couples and even with the entire family because guided tours can be customized for any who want to go.

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