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The Ultimate Holiday Experience with Boat House in Kerala Tour and Packages

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by Bomee

The Ultimate Holiday Experience with Boat House in Kerala Tour and Packages

A Kerala houseboat vacation can be mesmerizing and an unforgettable moment for you. This is also one of the major reasons people travel to Kerala. Visualize three or fours days cruising through the scenic locales, relishing delectable Kerala cuisine and the authentic interiors of the houseboat – divine!

One of the major attractions of is the backwaters. They are a beautiful labyrinth of over hundreds of Kilometres of waterways and canals. These waterways and canals meet a number of large lakes. The amazing part is that these waterways support a wide range of biodiversity! You will get to see over 450 different species of bird. This is also a place where a host of mammals such as elephants, and leopards thrive. An opportunity to witness exotic aquatic species can be overwhelming.

The House boats are also referred to as ‘Kettuvallams’. Surprisingly, over two thousand of them sail through the scenic backwaters. The Boat House in Kerala was initially designed as a means of transport for moving around paddies of rice and spices. However, the introduction of modern trucks in India has given these marvelous boats a different reason to exist. These boats turned out to be beautiful homes for inhabitants and gradually converted into major tourist attraction. This is the story of modern boat house in Kerala tourism option.

Most of the packages are offered for three days cruising around the backwater. This is a fabulous option because you get to relax and enjoy the exquisite locales and serene atmosphere. It is simply amazing. Things move slowly. You can see people around you move, the birds, sky, and the boats.

Once you are on the boat house in Kerala, the world will seem to be beautiful and different from what it is in your city. The tour will continue through the day and nightfall will be more enthusiastic. The amazing dinner served to you will help you relish each moment inside the house. Your boat house comes equipped with a master chef who will treat you to authentic, delectable Kerela food including the fish, rice, exotic spices. The food is served on banana leaves.

This is not all! The houseboats come equipped with modern equipment such as TVs, western style toilets, and luxurious bedroom. You can choose from about three grades of houseboats such as gold, silver, and bronze.

Apart from the relaxing houseboat tour of Kerala, you can also get special Package tours from Mumbai and the famous Mysore Ooty tour package. These packages are very exciting. You can choose from a variety of these packages as per your tour requirements and budget.

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