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Top attractions of Egyptian tours

Top attractions of Egyptian tours

Egypt is home to some of the rarest ancient temples, historic tombs and of course, the pyramids that behold the legacy of primitive regimes. Egyptian tours have always been a memorable experience for tourists of the West. There are several Tourism companies in Egypt that offer attractive holiday packages for tourists from around the world. From classic tour of the ancient Nile River to the royal luxuries of Alexandria beach hotels, Egypt tours cover all the attractions of this enchanting country.

Cairo is the most popular city of Egypt. It is the capital of the country and since ancient times it has been severing as the biggest seaport for businessmen entering and exiting the country. The location of Cairo makes it one of the main tourist attractions. It is close to Nile River and is home to some of the popular pyramids like the Great Sphinx. Being the main centre of trade, the city is noted for its attractive 5 star hotels, Bazaars, museums, ancient libraries, grand mosques, cultural institutions and research centers. Most of the Egyptian tours begin from Cairo and tourists spend several days touring the city before venturing to other destinations. In short we can conclude that Cairo is one of the most important destinations of Egypt trips.

Most of the western tourists including citizens of US and UK come to Egypt in search of ancient monuments and structures. For them Egypt trips is a sort of research or exploration into the past. One can find 7000 years old historic records and paintings in the city of Luxor. After Cairo, Luxor is the most toured spot. This is city is also located at the banks of the Nile. The Nile cruises, which are a major part of most Egyptian tours offer some amazing glimpse of Luxor that preserves the ancient beauty of the Egypt in its temples, paintings, and ancient structures. As far as historians and explorers are concerned, the city of Luxor is truly one of the best parts of Egyptian tours. The Karnak temple is one of the ancient religious structures of the city, which is most visited by tourists as well as the locals.

Along the banks of the Nile if you move southwards, you would soon reach the city of Aswan. Aswan is the center of Egypt’s Civilization. The Philae Temple, Elephantine Island and the High Dam are some of the popular locations you can enjoy while in Aswan. It is also well known for its colorful marketplaces that come alive during the nights. It is a goldmine of rare spices and beautiful souvenirs that have a high demand among foreign tourists. Shopping for handicrafts, dazzling jewelries and handmade accessories are one of the best parts of Egypt trips.

Most of the travel agencies in Egypt arrange a tourist guide for their customers. They offer a catalogue of diverse destinations and events covered by different Egyptian tours.

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