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Tours 4 Now offers daily one-day tours to Petra from the Eilat area

Tours 4 Now offers daily one-day tours to Petra from the Eilat area

Single-day tours are one of the most affordable ways to see some of the most interesting sights in a particular region, and now, you can enjoy the very best of this with the one-day tour to Petra from Tours 4 Now. What is it that makes this tour so special, though?

To begin with, many tours have specific start and end times that can make them more difficult to fit into a particular schedule. Eilat daily tours to Petra, however, are a completely different matter because it doesn’t actually matter when you want to begin. Daily is daily, so the tour will be ready when you are. Why stop there, though? This English-language tour departs early in the day and heads to the city known as the “Treasure of Jordan”, where hundreds of ancient buildings remain intact and available for view. From a Roman-style theater to temples, crypts, and more, Petra is a truly fascinating location for every visitor that steps onto its streets.

You’ll have the opportunity to spend several hours with this city, seeing some of the many sights, before heading back and enjoying a pleasant lunch. Afterwards, you’ll have the free time to explore the Aqaba area, with an estimated return time of 19:00 PM (or, by the other measurement, 7:00 PM), which leaves enough time to catch a late flight at the airport if you’re so inclined. If you’re staying for awhile longer, though, you’ll be able to get plenty of rest after your trip and emerge for the next day ready to have some fun.

The price of your one day trip to Eilat, when taken from the special offer of Tours 4 Now, includes transfer from the hotel to the border and back again, assistance with crossing the border to and from Jordan, transportation in a bus designed for comfort, the entrance fee to Petra, the cost of lunch, and even a horseback ride while you’re there. It won’t be covering personal expenses while you’re there, but all of the important details of your vacation are being taken into account for this marvelous experience.

Now, while you’re going on vacation, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, if you intend to buy anything, you may want to convert some of your funds to the currencies of Israel and Jordan. Many financial institutions will offer this service for you (but check to be sure they will before you go through their doors). This is easiest to do in your home country. Also, you should be aware that a border crossing is involved with this trip and that you will need to meet the standards for entry to Jordan. Please review all relevant regulations for the country and be sure to bring whatever you need to in order to satisfy the local entry requirements. Other details for the trip are available on the tour page, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun as you explore one of the greatest wonders of the world.

If you’re looking for a tour to Petra, then the Eilat daily tours to Petra from Tours 4 Now are a fantastic choice.