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Travelling In Canada? Try A Niagara Falls Boat Tour.

Travelling In Canada? Try A Niagara Falls Boat Tour.

Considering taking a trip? Why not explore the beautiful Niagara Falls in Canada? Niagara Falls, Ontario is gorgeous picturesque place famous for its spectacular Horseshoe Falls and scenic towns surrounding them. Thousands of people visit every year to take in the breath taking views and have a once in a lifetime experience. A trip that was previously popular with families and honeymooner has now become so much more than a sight-seeing expedition. The towns surrounding Niagara boast a grand array of nightlife and hospitality opportunities and exceptional accommodation. So just how do you get to Niagara Falls and what can you do once you get there?

Niagara Falls Bus Tours.

There are a number of Niagara Falls bus tours operating daily from Toronto and surrounding areas. The benefit of travelling to Niagara Falls by bus is the scenery you will get to experience along the way. There are many beautiful towns surrounding the fall, some of the more popular destinations Niagara-on-the-Lake, Clifton Hill, Chippewa and Queenstown Heights, which separates Canada from the USA with Niagara Falls located directly in between. Purchasing a Niagara Falls bus tour will enable you to see all of the scenery at a fraction of the price of touring on your own.

Niagara Falls Boat Tours.

Hear the thunderous crash of the fall and feel the spray from the fall on your face, what better way is there than to see the spectacular waterfalls than by boat? Travelling out onto the lake to see the fall up close is an experience to never be forgotten, and there are many Niagara Falls boat tours operating throughout the year. Tours include not only the awesome Horseshoe Falls but also American Falls and the Whirlpool. Depending on the season, boats may even pass behinds the fall to give holiday makers another spectacular view to remember. A lot of time is often spent waiting in queues but when you purchase a Niagara Falls bus and boat tour, you can skip to the front of the line and spend more time taking in those breath-taking views.

Niagara Falls Helicopter ride.

Many tour operators offer an optional helicopter ride for those adventurous explorers. Viewing the fall from above is an amazing experience and gives a brand new perspective of the grand scale of the fall. See the fall and the surrounding scenery from above and revel in the magnificence of nature. These helicopter rides are offered at a reasonable price if you purchase them in addition to your bus or boat tour package.

There are many amazing ways to experience the fall but often these require standing in lengthy queues cutting in your time to enjoy Niagara. The benefit of booking a Niagara Falls bus or boat tour is that it often means that you do not have to wait to experience the fall. So if you are considered a trip to Canada in the future, why book a Niagara Falls bus or boat tour and really get the full experience of the fall.

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