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Ultra Light Tours – See Costa Rica From the Sky

Ultra Light Tours – See Costa Rica From the Sky

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. Visitors come to see the tropical creatures such as monkeys and birds, and also the beautiful scenery. You can ride a bus, bike or ATV and explore rainforests, canopies and jungles. Charter a trimaran and go sailing along the beautiful coasts or snorkeling. Better yet, charter an ultra light plane and explore Costa Rica from above. Yes, from up the air! The term “bird’s eye view” becomes a lot more meaningful when you take a tour in an ultra light plane.

Ultra light planes are known for their ease of flying, operational safety, and light but fast engine. Normally in these tours an experienced pilot will be your companion and your guide to one of the most breath-taking experiences you will ever have. These planes have an the open cabin from where you can see the treetops of the rainforests below, the tropical birds gliding alongside your plane and feel the wind in your face. Many visitors say that this was one of the most unique and interesting tours they have ever taken.

When going in these tours you will normally get the oportunity to choose from special area tours (where you follow a specific flight path, usually over mangroves or marine parks), or you can have chartered tours. You can even learn how to fly! Yes, they give flying lessons and they are a blast! Now, you get the chance to be a licensed aviator too.

See the lush greenery in the Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara and Samara with The Flying Crocodile, one of the first operators to offer ultra light trips. Or fly around the area of Ballena National Marina Park via ultra flight tours offered by Skyline de Costa Rica.

So what are you waiting for? Get those aviator shades and start flying now!

Marina K. Villatoro, the Travel Experta, has been living in Central America – Costa Rica and Guatemala for the past decade. Traveling with her family to all parts of Costa Rica and Guatemala, she now loves organizing vacations for people and offers first hand experience. Contact her for advice and to plan your perfect trip!