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Why Do Grand Canyon Bus Tours Sell Out?

Why Do Grand Canyon Bus Tours Sell Out?

I frequently hear from travelers that when they try to book a Grand Canyon bus tour, it’s sold out. Having just spent time investigating this, I’ve identified several reasons for this, and all of them can be resolved by a bit of pre-planning.

The number one culprit has to do with timing. Overwhelmingly, I’ve learned that people who book their bus tour within 48 hours of their desired departure date run the highest risk of not getting the bus tour they want. Chances skyrocket when you book within 24 hours. Forget about same-day reservations.

So, what to do, right?

For the longest time, I’ve recommended booking ahead by at least a week. I’ve had success buying seats 72 hours in advance but this was during the winter season when travel to the canyon is at it’s lowest. During summer, I wouldn’t get away with cutting it so close as this is the time when the majority of the 5 million people per year descend on the Park.

Another thing that jumped out at me was the kind of tour booked. Far and away, the most popular was the South Rim bus tour from Las Vegas, NV. This trip is famous for price and it’s inclusiveness of such items like:

1. Complimentary hotel pick up/drop off
2. Lunch
3. All park fees – paid!
4. Professional guide service

There’s very little left on your part to bring except the following:

1. Hat
2. Sun block
3. Chap Stick
4. Water
5. Sunglasses
6. Long-sleeve shirt

Of course, it depends on what time of the year you take a bus to the Grand Canyon, especially the South Rim, which rests at an elevation that’s around 7,000 feet! (because of this elevation summers are temperate and winters are cold and can feature snow). The West Rim’s weather is similar to that in Las Vegas: very hot (over 100 degrees) and chilly with wind during the winter.

Anyhow, the South Rim bus tour is a fantastic deal that travelers immediately recognize. To a lesser degree, the same can be said about West Rim bus tours. For whatever reason, there seem to be more buses plying the route to Grand Canyon West, thus resulting in more seats. But don’t get too complacent when it comes to booking West Rim trips ahead of time as the one that includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk regularly fills up, too! Thinking about this, it’s really no surprise, especially when you consider how fabulous the Skywalk is. Take a moment and check out these stats:

1. Each glass panel costs $ 250,000 each
2. You get to walk 70 feet past the edge
3. You will stand 4,000 over the bottom
5. The entire structure cost around $ 25 million to build

The views of the Grand Canyon from the Glass Bridge are also incredible.

I recommend purchasing your bus tour on the Internet, and not from just anyone. Go direct to the tour supplier. By doing this, you’ll get the best quality tour at the lowest rate. I’m coming across lots of travelers who spend all day shopping the net and saving nothing. Spare yourself the frustration and buy direct. It’ll make your trip to America’s best national park that much smoother.

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